Restoring power to every customer

The February storms brought significant damage to our communities and many of our customers lost power for an extended amount of days. During this time, we saw how Oregon communities come together and areas where we can improve for our customers.

Get your estimated restoration time

To learn your location’s estimated restoration date and time, visit our Get an Update page. Share your phone number or account number and we’ll share the estimated date and time your power will be back on.

We know power outages make life more difficult

A heartfelt thank you

The last two weeks have been hard for our customers and communities. Winter storms brought devastation, damage and, for many, days without electricity. We know power outages make life more challenging and stressful – in an already stressful time. And we want to say thank you.

Thank you to our customers for your patience, and for supporting our crews and team members that worked in your communities to restore power.

Thank you to the contract and mutual assistance crews from across the west that partnered with us to help our customers.

Thank you to our county, city and emergency management partners who helped us address the greatest needs together.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers and communities and we are committed to embracing learnings and opportunities to serve our customers better.

Restoration by the numbers
  • Transmission lines repaired: 44

  • Substations repaired: 20

  • Feeders repaired: 256

  • New wire/cable issued: 866,041 feet

  • Transmission line miles restored: Approximately 401 miles

  • Wires down restored: 12,733

  • Transformers issued: 1,146

  • Poles issued: 984

  • Crossarms issued: 3,370

  • Number of crews at peak: 400+

  • Number of employees working to restore power at peak: Approximately 3,000

Did the storms cause damage to your home or business? You may need an electrician.

The February storms caused a lot of damage in our communities. Our equipment was impacted and it’s possible the equipment at your home or business was also impacted. To help repair the damage, you’ll want to hire someone to inspect, repair and restore power to your home.

Check the illustration below, which shows the electrical equipment that brings power to your home and how the different parts work together. If the electrical equipment that belongs to you is damaged, ONLY a certified electrician can safely handle the repairs.

The right person for the job makes all the difference

There are trustworthy electrical contractors throughout Oregon, some of which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Although we can’t guarantee availability, check the State of Oregon’s contractor licensing page PGE to get started. Once your licensed electrician has completed the repairs, make sure that they schedule an inspection through your local municipality or fill out the required Emergency Reconnect Waiver PGE form so we can safely get you reconnected. The filled out form can be emailed to or faxed to 503-612-3501.

Here are some questions to ask to avoid surprises:

  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

  • What are your credentials?

  • Do you have any references?

  • Do I need a permit?

  • Who will perform the actual work?

  • What work will you perform?

  • What are your service fees?

  • What are your specialties?

  • Is your work under warranty?

  • How quickly can you respond to our repair needs?

Still not sure if the equipment is yours or need help understanding your options? Call our Customer Service team at 800-542-8818.

Resources to help you

We know being without power is a big deal. It disrupts your life, making learning, working and living that much harder, especially during these challenging times. We're partnering with state and local resources to help you.

County Resources


You have questions and deserve answers.

The Track your Energy Use tool on your My Account page shows your energy use based on data from your meter. When your power is out, you are not charged because you are not able to use any electricity. The Track your Energy tool estimates your use for those days based on what you’ve used on past days with similar weather. That allows us to provide the bill estimates on the Track your Energy web page and in text or email notifications you may have signed up for. These estimates are only placeholders until your next meter reading, when your actual use will replace your estimated use. If your bill is generated after your power is restored and your meter is communicating again, your bill will reflect your actual use. If your bill is generated while your power is still out, your bill will include charges for those days out, based on the estimated use. But your next bill will show the correction, and your use (and charges) will be lower.

We prepare all year for storms, proactively replacing aging equipment to increase resiliency, reduce outages, accommodate growth in our area and allow for better integration of renewable resources.

And while we planned, and prepared, the catastrophic damage we experienced during these storms has been devastating and has left you without power. We know that is scary and frustrating and we are sorry.

We have an extensive tree trimming program and a team of arborists that inspect 3,300 miles of lines and prune 254,000 trees every year. We spend $26 million on this program annually.  Even with trimming, the ice and wind of this storm turned healthy, safe trees into dangerous and destructive devices.

There is nothing more frustrating than having the sun come out and still have no power. Although our crews worked through all the snow and ice, they were not able to access some areas until the ice melted. We also have unprecedented, catastrophic damage to some areas that is extensive and unfortunately takes a lot of time to repair. Please know our crews are out there and we hope to have you back on soon, but it could still be many days.

We know it's hard when you don't see any trucks around. We have the most crews we've ever had working around the clock to get everyone back on, but the main outage could be from somewhere outside your neighborhood, like on a transmission line or at a substation. We are making sure we can safely supply and move the power before we make the neighborhood repairs.

Our first step is to ensure public safety, then we go from the largest group of customers to the smallest group, until everyone is back on. At times, we'll reroute power to areas if we can, which may look like we fixed it faster, but the repairs still need to happen at a later time. Learn more about our seven steps of restoration.

When a monumental storm like this impacts transmission and substations, it means the ways we can get electricity to feeders is broken, and we have to repair each piece. You could think of it like a puzzle piece. When together, puzzle pieces make a clear and beautiful picture, but if one piece is missing the puzzle does not work. Our system operates the same way. Each piece has to be in place and working so you get the electricity you need. Unfortunately, with so much damage from the series of storms, this work does take time.

View from the field

See images from the storm's devastation and our restoration efforts.

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