Smart Water Heater Rewards

Limited time offer -- Get a free smart water heater and ongoing cash back!

If you live in a specific part of the North Portland PGE Smart Grid Test Bed PGE, and received a special invitation from us, we’re giving away 30 free Rheem® Protera hybrid 50-gallon electric water heaters – valued at $1,200!

Let us know soon—this limited-time offer will end once all 30 of our smart water heaters have been claimed.

If you qualify PGE, you can also earn as much as $25 in PGE bill credits per year. It’s easy – your water heater does all the work and you get all the rewards. How it works Did you know energy is more expensive during times of day when everyone is using more? Once we install your new smart water heater, it will store 50 gallons of hot water for immediate use, and we can use your water heater like a battery. You have hot water whenever you need it, and we can communicate wirelessly to your smart water heater to defer heating your water to a time of the day or night when energy demand is lower. The power of we starts with me By having your water heater automatically shift some of your energy use away from peak times, you’re helping keep prices low for everyone and enabling the use of more renewable energy, helping us build a clean energy future for Oregon. Check out our PGE Smart Grid Test Bed video PGE for more information.

Not at all.  You will enjoy plenty of hot water and won’t notice a difference – except energy savings and money back on your PGE bill!

Because we monitor connected water heaters closely, you shouldn’t notice any difference in your service or availability of hot water.

You’ll earn $1 for every kilowatt-hour of energy shifted during a Peak Time Event. Your earnings will show up as a credit on your PGE bill each month and by the end of the first year on the program, you could earn approximately $25.

You bet. The water heater is a Rheem ProTerra PGE hybrid electric water heater that holds 50 gallons of hot water. Rheem touts it as the most efficient water heater available, using less energy to operate than a classic 100 Watt incandescent light bulb!

Do you have questions about the program or the PGE Smart Grid Test Bed? We’d be glad to answer them. Contact us at PGE, and we’ll walk you through everything.