Earn Money from Your F-150 Lightning

Make the most of your Ford F-150 Lightning’s bidirectional charging features and earn rewards!

Did you know you can get paid for sharing your F-150 Lightning’s energy? If you own or are thinking about buying a Ford F-150 Lightning and want to explore how your vehicle’s battery can power your home, fill out our interest form.

Let’s make this a two-way street

Our bidirectional charging demonstration rewards you for partnering with us to tap into your F-150 Lightning’s Intelligent Backup Power Mode, Intelligent Power Mode and its Grid Export Mode at various times depending on electric grid need.

Get the equipment

We’re helping Ford Lightning owners install the Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System with an upfront incentive of up to $5,000 (depending on location).

You’re always in the driver’s seat

Your needs come first. You can always set your charging preferences to make sure you have enough power to get where you need to go.

Get the rewards

Once you’ve gone through the installation process, you’re ready to start earning ongoing rewards. You’ll earn $50/month just for participating, plus an additional $1.70/kWh when we tap into your power during Peak Time Events.

Plug into good energy

Getting started is easy! Fill out the interest form and we’ll be in touch.

About bidirectional charging and the Smart Grid Test Bed charging demonstration

Your Ford F-150 Lightning’s battery can power your home and support the grid. Bidirectional charging allows power to flow in either direction, to your Lightning and from it.

The Smart Grid Test Bed facilitates various projects to test smart grid technology and customer programs that help PGE use more sustainable resources, manage energy prices, and invest in future projects that create Oregon jobs and a healthier environment. The study projects within the Smart Grid Test Bed have different geographical boundaries and participation requirements. Check out the main webpage to see what we’re working on.

The demonstration, also called the Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) bidirectional charging demonstration project, explores the bidirectional charge functionality available to Ford F-150 Lightning owners. This includes managing EV charging to shift customer demand, using vehicle-to-home (V2H) power to reduce peak demand, and utilizing vehicle-to-grid (V2G) functionality to export power during Peak-Time Events (PTE).

The Ford F-150 Lightning has three operating modes.

  • Intelligent Backup Power Mode provides automatic backup power to the home during utility power outages.

  • Intelligent Power Mode supplies V2H power without grid export during on-peak times.

  • Grid Export Mode discharges power from the vehicle's battery to power the home and export excess power to the grid during PTEs.

The demonstration is planned for 1.5 years, including phases of planning, customer recruitment, equipment installation, and active participation in various use cases.

Interested customers can visit the V2X Bidirectional Demonstration Project webpage and fill out the enrollment form. For inquiries, customers can email the Smart Grid Test Bed team at smartgridtestbed@pgn.com.

Benefits of participating

Benefits for participants include:

  • Potential savings on electricity bills through optimized charging and incentives.

  • Contribution to grid stability and support during peak demand times.

  • Enhanced home backup power capabilities.

  • Financial incentives for participation and power dispatch.

Available incentives include:

  • Equipment installation incentive — $2,500 for standard PGE customers and $5,000 for PGE customers in Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) areas, paid at time of equipment installation.

  • Monthly participation incentive — $50/month paid via monthly on-bill credit.

  • Peak-Time Event participation incentive — $1.70 per kWh dispatched during PTEs paid via on-bill credit.

  • Ford incentives — $1,000 buy-down at time of vehicle purchase.

About participating

Participants must be Portland General Electric (PGE) customers who own or are purchasing a Ford F-150 Lightning and intend to install the required bidirectional charging equipment (the Home Integration System and Ford Charge Station Pro). Customers must have the required bidirectional charging equipment installed at a residential address where the owner primarily charges their vehicle.

The equipment installation incentive will be applied directly by the installation contractor to customer invoice to reduce the cost of the required equipment.

The monthly participation and Peak-Time Event incentives are credited monthly to the participant’s bill.

Participants will need to:

  • Install the required bidirectional charging equipment.

  • Enroll in a Time of Day (TOD) rate structure.

  • Allow their vehicles to be managed according to the demonstration’s use cases (charging cessation, power dispatch, and grid export during PTEs).

  • Maintain communication with PGE and Ford for charging schedules and event notifications.

Participants can opt out of events and adjust their vehicle's minimum State of Charge (SOC) settings at any time through Ford’s platform. This flexibility allows customers to maintain control over their vehicle's battery usage.

Enrollment will remain open until we reach our goal of at least 10 participants (20 maximum).

Participants can set their charge preference, particularly the minimum State of Charge (SOC), so you will always have control over your vehicle’s charge.

Having solar installed may prevent a PGE customer from participating in this demonstration.

In the event of a power outage, the Intelligent Backup Power Mode will automatically provide backup power to the participant’s home. Additionally, during high-risk events (e.g., severe weather), participants will be notified to charge their vehicles to maximum state of charge to ensure readiness for potential outages.

Since the equipment installation incentive is only available via the installation contractors, customers who already have the bidirectional charging equipment installed will not be eligible to receive the equipment installation incentive. All customers who participate will be eligible to receive the on-bill credit incentives.

Participants must contact the Smart Grid Test Bed team at smartgridtestbed@pgn.com to unenroll from the demonstration.

Miscellaneous questions

Ford will provide PGE with monthly reports on the total kWh dispatched from participant vehicles. All data sharing will comply with relevant privacy policies and regulations, ensuring customer data is protected.

Time of Day gives customers more control over their energy bills. After enrollment into TOD, all a participant needs to do is shift their energy use away from 5 to 9pm, Monday – Friday. Participants pay a lower energy price and help us use more sustainable energy when we would otherwise have to rely on less environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Reach out to the Smart Grid Test Bed team at smartgridtestbed@pgn.com.