Weatherization Assistance
Free help with weatherization if you qualify

Not the DIY type? Weatherization steps — such as adding insulation, reducing unwanted air leaks or improving your heating system — can help save energy, control energy bills and keep your home warm and cozy. But, what if there’s no room in your budget?

Help is available! If you meet the income guidelines below, you might be able to get someone else to do the work – for FREE – even if you are renting (be sure to coordinate with your landlord). If you qualify, your local Community Action Agency can connect you with someone who can help with insulation, furnace repair, heating duct improvements, and more. They’ll even help you replace your refrigerator with a more efficient one.

Income guidelines
Size of family unit1
Annual gross income$25,520
Monthly gross income$2,126.66
Size of family unit2
Annual gross income$34,480
Monthly gross income$2,873.33
Size of family unit3
Annual gross income$43,440
Monthly gross income$3,620.00
Size of family unit4
Annual gross income$52,400
Monthly gross income$4,366.66
Size of family unit5
Annual gross income$61,360
Monthly gross income$5,113.33
Size of family unit6
Annual gross income$70,320
Monthly gross income$5,860.00
Size of family unit7
Annual gross income$79,280
Monthly gross income$6,606.66
Size of family unit8
Annual gross income$88,240
Monthly gross income$7,353.33
Size of family unit9
Annual gross income$97,200
Monthly gross income$8,100.00
Size of family unit10
Annual gross income$106,160
Monthly gross income$8,846.66
Size of family unit11
Annual gross income$115,120
Monthly gross income$9,593.33
Size of family unit12
Annual gross income$124,080
Monthly gross income$10,340.00
Size of family unitEach additional member
Annual gross income$8,960
Monthly gross income$746.66

I don’t qualify – now what?

If you earn too much to qualify for weatherization assistance, you may be able to participate in the Savings Within Reach program from Energy Trust of Oregon

I need more time to pay my bill.

We get it. Sometimes you just need a little extra time. Request a payment extension online or give us a call at 800-542-8818.

No-Cost & Low-Cost Tips

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