Choose the best light for each spot in your home

Energy savings: good, better, best

We all know to turn lights off when we’re not using them. But newer technologies mean now you can save a lot more – and change bulbs a lot less – just by choosing the right light.

Inefficient general service incandescent light bulbs were fully phased out by federal energy-efficiency standards in 2014.

Your choices now, from good to best, are halogen incandescents, CFLs or LED lighting. All use at least 25 percent less energy. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) use up to 85 percent less.

Use this lighting comparison guide PGE from the Natural Resources Defense Council to learn the differences in cost, savings and bulb life, and how to read lighting packaging.

To choose your bulb shape, refer to this shopping guide PGE from ENERGY STAR®.

Compare your options, think about which lights would be best for each room and task, and start saving!

Think lumens instead of watts

When you need a replacement for a standard incandescent light bulb, compare lumens (brightness). The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. A 60-watt standard incandescent produces about 800 lumens. You can get the same amount of light from a 10-watt LED.

Light appearance: Warm or cool?

If you want a light that looks like a standard incandescent, choose warm light. You can buy all three bulb types in warm tones, while CFLs and LEDs also come in cool light. Some LEDs even allow you to adjust between warm and cool.

Check the Lighting Facts label

To make comparisons easier, lighting packages now include Lighting Facts labels — which look like nutrition labels — that show brightness (lumens), estimated yearly energy cost (dollars), life (years), light appearance (from “warm” to “cool”) and energy used (watts).

See more lighting tips PGE and learn about advantages of LEDs.


Lighting tips

To help you choose – and use – wisely.

Good, better, best 

Compare your three lighting options and learn how to read new bulb packaging.

Find out why, as LEDs prices continue to drop, they’re now the best choice for most home uses, indoors and out.