High-efficiency ducted and ductless heat pumps

Ducted and ductless heat pumps are a perfect way to stay comfortable year round and help create a sustainable, clean energy future.

What is a heat pump?

The most energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces, heat pumps move heat where you want it – outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Because they move heat rather than generate it, heat pumps require much less energy to keep temperatures comfortable. And, with a ductless heat pump, you can heat your house room by room, which saves energy and eliminates squabbling over the thermostat. 

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Why would I want a heat pump? 

Heat pumps are a proven technology with several benefits. Here’s a few of the reasons you might consider one:

  • Better indoor air quality because air is filtered more often

  • Easily add efficient air conditioning

  • Energy savings of 40 to 60%**

  • Constant comfort: even temperatures and balanced humidity

  • Whisper quiet, inside and out

  • Financing is easy — simply make monthly installments through your PGE bill. Ask your contractor about eligibility and terms.

** Compared to a standard electric furnace. Individual circumstances will vary.

What kind of heat pump should I get?

Either a ductless or ducted heat pump is a great choice for most people. Need help? Schedule a free Savings Checkup.

Ductless heat pumps are great for:  

  • Heating and cooling homes without ductwork or with old, tired ducts.  

  • Replacing inefficient electric baseboards or wall heaters, radiant heat, or noisy window-mounted air conditioners.  

  • Helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in attics, sunrooms or work areas.    

  • Providing room-by-room heating in new additions and in-law suites.

Expected costs and incentives:

Ducted heat pumps are great for:  

  • Replacing an electric forced-air furnace with something more cost-efficient.  

  • Making existing heating systems more energy-efficient.  

  • Providing affordable cooling in the summer and saving energy in the winter. 

Expected costs and incentives:

Ready to get a heat pump?

Ask your heat pump contractor these 12 questions.