Save Money – For Your Home

There are lots of ways to keep your home efficient and comfortable, whether you rent or own.

Save energy at home

No-cost & low-cost tips to save energy and lower your bill.

Understand and control your energy use

Energy Tracker℠ shows you when and how you’re using energy, and how to save. It’s free, online and easy to use.

Cash Back & Special Offers

Get the best deals and the most cash back for energy saving projects.

Smart Thermostat Rewards

Get more out of your smart thermostat and earn cash back year after year. (And you thought it just saved energy.)

Save money by going electric! Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations, and hello to low-cost fuel, tax credits, incentives and special pricing for charging.

Low-impact hydroelectric plants. New wind farms and solar projects. We’re bringing reliable, cost effective renewable power to you.