Energy Partner Smart Thermostat

Get paid to use less energy

An easy way to manage your energy costs and earn money with smart thermostats

During hot summer and cold winter days, we all use more electricity. To help keep power reliable, affordable and sustainable, PGE’s Energy Partner Smart Thermostat program can install free smart thermostats to help your business use a little less energy when others are using more.

When energy demand is highest, such as a really hot day or cold morning, your thermostat may be automatically adjusted by just a few degrees for a few hours. You probably won’t even notice a difference, but it can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Small actions, big rewards

Not only will these powerful thermostats help you save energy and money year-round, as long as you don’t override more than 50 percent of the Energy Partner events, we also pay you $60 per thermostat twice a year, generating more money for your business.

Use the latest smart energy technology to your advantage

By using less energy when others are using more, you:

  • Decrease the need for new power generation

  • Help keep energy costs lower for everyone

  • Help create a smarter, more resilient grid

  • Ensure a reliable and responsible energy future for Oregon

How to qualify

In order to qualify for Energy Partner Smart Thermostat, you must:

  • Have a ducted electric heating or air conditioning system

  • Have a permanently installed Wi-Fi network (not a mobile hotspot)

  • Own your own space; or if you lease, you should have permission from your property manager to replace your current thermostat(s)

See our fact sheet PGE for more information.

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Questions? Call 855-218-8816 or email our Energy Partner specialists at

COVID-19 update

We are resuming smart thermostat installations while incorporating current best practices for physical distancing and new health and safety requirements at sites where exposure risks are low.

See our COVID-19 fact sheet PGE for more information about our strategies and safety procedures for installing your new smart thermostats.

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