Energy Expert

Pinpoint savings and take control with powerful energy monitoring

What is Energy Expert?

Controlling your energy costs can make a big impact on your bottom line. With Energy Expert you can understand your energy consumption, pinpoint when and where you’re wasting energy and see exactly how power-saving efforts pay off.*

Energy Expert is a powerful online tool that analyzes your energy use for a single meter, a single facility or an entire complex.

How it works

Each day, Energy Expert uses your interval load data to populate the reports and charts you’ve pre-selected. Meter data is captured in 15-minute intervals to help spot exactly when usage begins to veer outside desired ranges.

Those reports are compiled and pushed out to you as frequently as you want them.  That’s quick access to the data you need to optimize your energy management.

Specify the reports you need

From at-a-glance summaries for multiple locations to in-depth reports for meter level analysis, you have the flexibility to look at exactly what you need, when you need it to make informed energy decisions.

Easy, one-time set-up

Energy Expert uses dashboards you can configure to include just the data you want. You can even create multiple dashboards ¾ for example, use one for a summary of multiple buildings and separate dashboards for more detail on each building.

Automatic notifications

You can choose to have reports sent by text or e-mail daily, weekly, monthly or when data begins to trend outside of expected values.

Access your data where you want

Energy Expert is secure, compatible with mobile devices and supports touch-screen zoom. Safely see what’s happening at your site from anywhere.


The monthly fee for Energy Expert is $70 per meter, plus a one-time set-up fee.* This price is based on one to five meters. Download the Energy Expert order form PGE.

Contact us for pricing information if you have more than five meters.


We’re happy to answer them. Contact your PGE representative or the PGE Business Services Team at 503-228-6322 in Portland, 503-399-7717 in Salem, or 800-822-1077.

*As required by OAR 860-038-0500-0640, you do not have to purchase these products to continue to receive safe, reliable power from PGE. You may buy similar products and services from other providers.