Save Money – For your business

Save money and control your business energy costs with energy tracking tools, incentives, rebates and free energy consultations.

Get paid to use less energy

PGE’s Energy Partner program gets you free smart thermostats, boosts your sustainability and helps manage your energy costs.

Free Energy Consultations

PGE and Energy Trust of Oregon can help your business improve lighting, HVAC and other systems so they cut energy costs and work better for you.

Save Big with LED Lighting

Lighting upgrades are a smart move because lighting consumes about 30 percent of the total energy used in most commercial buildings.

Pinpoint Savings and Take Control

Track your energy use in 15-minute intervals for free with Energy Tracker. Get powerful online analysis for a single meter or entire complex with Energy Expert.

Save money by going electric! Say goodbye to oil changes and gas stations, and hello to low-cost fuel, tax credits, incentives and special pricing for charging.

Low-impact hydroelectric plants. New wind farms and solar projects. We’re bringing reliable, cost effective renewable power to you.