Right Tree, Right Place

Know your tree zones

To improve your safety, reduce maintenance hassles and reduce tree-related power outages, use these guidelines when choosing and planting trees.

Tree zones

Parking strip under power lines — Zone 1
Near the parking strip, stick with small trees (20-30 feet). They are generally compatible with overhead power lines.

Also consider the shape or spread of the tree; a species with a spreading crown is better suited to a wider parking strip.

Front/side yard — Zone 2
Small to medium trees are appropriate here, depending on the size of your front/side yards. Medium sized trees (30-50 feet) require large private lawn areas.

Back yard — Zone 3
In the backyard, any size tree is okay — depending on the size of your yard. Large trees (50+ feet) require a large yard.

In Zones 2 and 3
Plant trees with spreading crowns at least 25 feet away from wires, sidewalks and buildings.

Trees with columnar or pyramidal forms should be at least 10 feet away.

Lots of choices

Find a tree that’s street, sidewalk and power-line friendly in our handy tree selection considerations guide.