Get an instant rebate on your home battery
Lower the cost of adding a battery storage system to your home

What can a battery storage system do for you? You might be surprised.

  • You can rely on back-up power if there’s an outage.

  • You can earn monthly credits as part of the PGE Smart Battery Pilot program.

  • You’ll get the most of your solar panels. o A battery lets you store the energy you generate during the day. o You can then use that renewable energy at night.

Right now, it’s more affordable than ever to add a battery to your home. For a limited time, PGE is offering instant rebates of up to $3,000 for customers in our Smart Grid Test Bed, or $5,000 for customers participating in Solar Within Reach.

Interested? Start by asking for a quote from an Energy Trust of Oregon solar trade ally PGE. It takes just a few minutes. Request a quote PGE

It’s easy to get up and running with a battery storage system with help from a trusted expert. Here’s how you can secure your rebate:

There are two ways to qualify:

  • Live in the PGE Smart Grid Test Bed. These are neighborhoods in Hillsboro, Milwaukie and North Portland where we test new programs and products.

  • Participate in Solar Within Reach PGE through the Energy Trust of Oregon. This program offers incentives for rooftop solar to income-qualified households.

The PGE Smart Battery Pilot program lets you earn up to $40 per month for connecting your battery to our grid. You’ll need to join the program to receive your rebate and earn the bill credits.

An Energy Trust of Oregon PGE solar trade ally can provide a bid on a new battery system. You can include solar if you’d like, although it’s not required for this rebate.

Your solar installer will guide you through the process of installing your battery system (see the list of qualified products below) and connecting it to our grid. Your rebate will be reflected as a reduction on your final invoice. After your battery is installed, you’ll receive a link to connect your battery to PGE. That’s it! Have a question? PGEEmail us PGE.

How much is the rebate?

The amount of your rebate depends on how you qualify and how early you start the installation process. All rebates are first come, first served! To get the maximum amount available, start working with an Energy Trust of Oregon solar trade ally right away. They will let us know to reserve funds for you while you’re working on installing your system. If you live in the Smart Grid Test Bed: We have a total of 200 rebates available for customers living in the Smart Grid Test Bed. The earlier you participate, the larger the rebate you’ll receive.

  • 67 Participants in our first group receive a $3,000 rebate.

  • 67 Participants in our second group receive a $2,000 rebate.

  • 66 Participants in our third and final group receive a $1,000 rebate.

If you qualify for Solar Within Reach: There are 25 rebates available for income-qualified customers who are participating in Solar Within Reach through the Energy Trust of Oregon. These rebates are $5,000 each.

Earn monthly bill credits

As part of this rebate program, you’ll be enrolled in the PGE Smart Battery Pilot. This is a research study to connect batteries at customer homes to our grid, and it will help us learn more about the best ways to store power. At times, PGE will charge or discharge your battery to store energy from the grid or provide energy to the grid. Batteries will remain fully available to you during a power outage or upon request. You’ll earn bill credits each month for participating in the pilot:

  • Earn $20 a month if your battery can charge from your solar panels only.

  • Earn $40 a month if your battery can charge from the PGE grid (regardless of whether or not you have solar panels).

How do batteries help the grid

So, what’s in it for PGE? By adding your battery to our grid, you’re helping us create a “virtual power plant” that lets us store and draw energy as needed. That’s important as we add more renewables like wind and solar. If our solar panels or wind turbines are generating more than usual, we can store this clean energy in batteries and use it later to power your neighbors’ homes and businesses. The end result? We’re better equipped to incorporate more low-cost, renewable energy sources into our grid.

Qualifying battery storage systems

Generac PGE

  • PwrCell batteries

Sonnen PGE

  • sonnenBatterie ecoLinx

  • sonnenBatterie eco

Sunverge PGE

  • Sunverge One

  • Sunverge Infinity

SolarEdge PGE

  • Energy Hub inverters paired with LG Chem RESU 10H or 16H

Tesla PGE

  • Powerwall

Energy Trust of Oregon solar trade allies PGE PGE Smart Battery Pilot program

Smart Battery Pilot FAQs

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