People Powered Energy

People Powered Energy

From one Oregonian to another — thank you. Together we’ve reached 25% fewer emissions through the choices and changes you’re making every day. But we still have more to do to reach Oregon’s goal of 80% fewer emissions by 2030!

From using more renewable energy sources to participating in smart and cost-saving programs, everyone can play a role. Whether you’re a resident or small business owner, we’re creating a better tomorrow with clean energy and a more resilient grid for all of Oregon. This is People Powered Energy.

Powering clean energy for all

Realizing a clean energy future for Oregon touches every part of our lives and livelihoods. Wherever you are on your clean energy journey, we’re working to deliver you the most reliable service and provide more ways for you to save on your energy bill.

Power you can count on

Every day at PGE, we work to improve energy reliability and resiliency for you and your loved ones. Learn more about how we’re strengthening the power grid.

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Supercharge your savings

We offer dozens of ways to save on your energy bill. Choose one of our flexible programs, follow a simple tip at home or get a free energy consultation for your business.

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Focusing on the future

A brighter and better Oregon for generations to come will take all of us. Discover how you can get involved in making our clean energy transition a powerful one.

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You have the power

We all have a role to play in shaping our clean energy future. Whether you’re a passionate advocate, behind-the-scenes supporter, or caring community member, we celebrate and appreciate every action you take.

The Energy Shifters

Inspire big change with small choices. Consider shifting how you use energy in your day to day, like enrolling in energy saving programs, choosing public transportation or even sparking a conversation with a neighbor about using energy more efficiently.

The Energy Savers

Energy Savers are all around us. From businesses investing in renewable energy sources to residents switching to energy-efficient appliances; reducing energy consumption is easier than you think. Start making no-cost and low-cost changes today and become an Energy Saver in your community!

The Energy Makers

Power Oregon with your own energy. Whether you’re a resident or business owner, you can help make a difference. From sending energy back to the power grid to volunteering to restore our natural habitats, Energy Makers are all around us.