A letter from Maria Pope, PGE President and CEO

Jan. 11, 2022

The new year presents opportunities to reflect, as well as to be inspired about the possibilities for the year ahead.

Like so many communities globally, our region was dealt another challenging hand in 2021: a historic ice storm, record high temperatures, the ongoing global pandemic and continued social unrest. In the face of all of this, Oregonians responded with resiliency, grit, and determination to grow through these challenges.

The team at Portland General Electric lives and works in the communities we serve. Our #1 focus is to deliver safe, reliable, affordable, clean electricity. We are enhancing our electric grid to improve reliability and integrate new, clean technologies. We are also working closely with customers, local and state leaders, and partner organizations to deploy solutions as we drive toward the clean energy transition.

I look to the future with great optimism. PGE is taking significant steps to enhance reliability to meet Oregon’s bold climate goals. In the year ahead, you can count on us to:

  • Reduce outages. In the past year we:

    • Deployed new solutions to mitigate risks associated with weather-related events.

    • Cleared trees, limbs and branches, replaced poles and power lines, invested in substations, transmission and other assets.

  • Speed up restoration work. In the past year we:

    • Installed new devices designed to automatically restore power after temporary faults.

    • Opened our new Integrated Operations Center, which with its state-of-the-art technologies, will diagnose system issues and enable more accurate and timelier outage information and response.

  • Decarbonize our system. We are deploying a combination of PGE, customer and community clean energy solutions to help us reach zero emissions by 2040. In 2022:

    • The Wheatridge facility, the first-of-its-scale facility combining wind and solar, along with battery storage, to power 100,000 homes will be fully operational.

    • We will power four times the number of homes with clean energy resources, including solar, electric vehicle charging and battery storage than in 2021.

  • Accelerate the conversion to electric transportation. We are electrifying our fleet, helping customers do the same and increasing charging options for all drivers. In the year ahead:

    • We will support 100 new public charging locations, enable customer fleet electrification with 250 new charging ports, and focus on equitable deployment of EV charging infrastructure to ensure access for users of all modes of electrified transportation.

  • Put customers first. We will continue to support customers, offering flexible payment options and working with policymakers and regulators to keep affordable pricing and reliability at the forefront of clean energy transition decision-making.

Each and every one of us at Portland General Electric is honored to provide the electric service that powers your lives and communities. Working together with purpose, resolve and urgency, we can accelerate the transition to a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future benefiting all.

Maria Pope, President and CEO, Portland General Electric