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Want to know why northern Oregon is attracting so many data centers? Here are five good reasons:

Lower total cost of ownership

There’s no sales tax in Oregon, and we have multi-year property tax exemptions PGE available in designated Enterprise Zones.

It is easy being green

We make it easy for you to go 100 percent renewable with PGE’s Green Future Impact program, and the nation’s No. 1 renewable power program.

Even our basic power mix is strong on renewables:

  • PGE owns two wind farms with combined capacity of more than 700 MW, plus solar projects and certified green hydroelectric. PGE also recently announced the nation’s first major renewable energy facility, called Wheatridge, that will integrate wind and solar generation with battery storage in one location.

  • Oregon’s previous Renewable Energy Standard required us to provide 25 percent of the electricity our customers use from qualifying renewable energy sources by 2025. Under the new law, by 2040, half of the electricity we deliver to you will meet that standard. The plan also transitions Oregon off coal-fired electricity by 2035.

PGE’s partnership and customer commitment is world class!
Jim Linkous, Western Regional Vice President of Sales, Stack Infrastructure Data Centers

Big pipe to Asia & the Pacific Rim

We’re on several Trans-Pacific cable routes (including 12 cable landings in Oregon) for quick connection to rapidly growing Asian markets.

PGE programs that cut your costs

If your business requires standby generators, we can put them to work when demand for power is highest. In exchange, we pick up your routine maintenance costs and typically pay for the fuel your generators use.

You can also earn money for shifting load when demand is high in our Energy Partner program. And we have lots of ways to help make you more energy efficient.

Fun, convenient location

Even day-to-day business is easier here, with:

  • lively urban areas and amenities PGE

  • an expert, engaged workforce

  • easy access to Portland International Airport from almost anywhere

  • more than 25 daily flights to the Bay Area

Some local data centers include:

  • Adobe

  • Digital Realty Trust

  • EdgeConnex

  • Flexential

  • NTT

  • Opus Interactive

  • QTS

  • Stack Infrastructure

  • T5