Milliken-Springwater Corridor & Cazadero Trail System Upgrades

Get ready for some good energy in your neighborhood

We all depend on safe, reliable energy. Now more than ever. That’s why we’re working in your neighborhood to make a few improvements to our electrical equipment. (The big trucks are hard to miss.) Our work includes a multiyear project to upgrade transmission towers between Gresham and Portland. Unfortunately, there will be trail disruptions and rolling closures during this project. To help minimize disruption, we have attempted to schedule this work during the off season. In addition, we will provide two weeks’ of notice with signage for trail closures as well as reroute information and have published an interactive map that will be updated each week.

When our work is done, your energy will be safer and more reliable and take us one step closer to Oregon’s clean energy future. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Construction began in November 2021 in Estacada and then moved towards the city of Boring. In January 2022, construction will continue from the city of Boring then move towards the city of Portland with expected completion in fall of 2022. You will likely see us Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., unless permits require different work hours.

We will update this project map every Wednesday morning, with expected closure dates looking two weeks out.

You will see our crews working early and late, in order to keep trail closure times to a minimum. We promise we’ll work to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

  • Trail closures will have barriers placed at junctions

  • Trail closure and reroute signs will be placed two weeks prior to that section's closure

  • Not all reroutes are ADA compatible

  • Construction detour signs will be placed along most routes

  • Vegetation surrounding our towers will be trimmed or removed

  • Road, lane, parking and sidewalk impacts may briefly be required

  • No planned outages are expected. If a planned outage is necessary, we’ll send out letters and leave a notice on your door at least 48 hours in advance.

  • It’s important to always be outage-ready. See how you can take steps to prepare for an outage.

There’s nothing as important as your safety. To keep pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safe, we will close lanes and reserve street parking. This will help make room for equipment and create a safety buffer between you and our crews.

  • Watch for closure signage and note the associated dates

  • Watch for temporary lane or street closures and detours.

  • Allow for extra time for commuting through these areas.

  • Follow directions from any flaggers, detours and signs.

  • Watch for “no parking” signs.

  • Avoid all work areas and equipment.

  • Make sure children know to never touch construction equipment.

Building a brighter energy future for you

Making our equipment safer and more reliable is an investment in a cleaner energy future for Oregon.

Questions about a project?

Call us at 503-612-3730. Please reference P36762.

Para obtener información en español, por favor llame al 503-612-3730 y haga referencia al P36762.