Earn money from your Tesla

Get a Tesla rebate plus ongoing bill credits with PGE Smart Charging powered by evPulse. Just sign in and we’ll walk you through the application.

Drive a Tesla? Earn rewards.

If you charge with a Tesla WallConnect or other Level 2 charger not on our qualified products list, you can still enroll in Smart Charging because we can communicate with your car during Smart Charging events. Here’s how to get your rebate plus ongoing bill credits.


Visit our one-stop shop PGE+ to submit your rebate application.

Connect your Tesla

Watch your email for an evPulse sign-up link from PGE. Connect your vehicle to evPulse using your existing Tesla account – it takes less than a minute.

Receive your Rebate

Once enrolled, you will receive a $50 incentive payment. In addition, you will receive seasonal bill credits when you participate in PGE Smart Charging events.

The optimized charging experience

With PGE Smart Charging, you never have to worry about planning your EV charging again. Simply plug in when you park at home. Your Tesla will charge to meet your needs and you’ll earn bill credits as we optimize your charging to times when electricity costs and energy demand is lowest.

You stay in control while doing good

You’ll always have the charge you need as you save money and help shape Oregon’s clean energy future.

Have questions?

We have answers to your frequently asked questions.

A. While you are enrolled in the PGE EV Smart Charging Program, your vehicle charging may be rescheduled to avoid charging during PGE’s smart charging events and to maximize your off peak charging if you are on Time of Day pricing. Your vehicle will still be charged and ready for use by your chosen “Ready by” time.

When you return home and plug in, you may receive a notification about your charging via the web app and/or an SMS text. Notifications will include guidance on the battery percentage your vehicle will reach and the time it will be scheduled to finish. Your rescheduled charge is determined by the following factors:

  • Your charge limit as set in the Tesla app or vehicle console

  • The “Ready by” time you select in the evPulse application

  • Your home charger power as determined by historical data

A. There are two Smart Charging Event seasons in the year: October to March and April to September.

If you are on Time of Day pricing or Time of Use, your charge will be optimized outside of demand response events as well.

A. As part of the PGE Smart Charging Program, your vehicle charging will be scheduled to avoid charging during PGE’s Smart Charging events and maximize your off-peak charging. This will help ensure your electricity bill is as low as possible.

A. When adding your Tesla, you may be asked for an additional code. This is usually a result of having two-factor authentication on your account. You’ll need to look this up on a two factor authenticator on your phone and enter the number given.

A. No. Optimized charging schedules will not impact vehicle preconditioning and climate control in preparation for a Scheduled Departure time.

A. PGE EV Smart Charging schedules always allow your vehicle to be charged to your target battery level by the “Ready by” time set in your evPulse web app (defaulting to 6 a.m. in your local time zone).

If you have used your Tesla dashboard to schedule charging at periods that may have higher rates, your charging may be rescheduled for periods of lower rates or outside of PGE smart charging events — provided that your new schedule ensures that you are easily able to reach your maximum target battery range.

It is highly recommended that you do not schedule charging through your Tesla vehicle console while also participating in charge scheduling through the PGE EV Smart Charging Program, as Tesla native scheduling may interfere with the optimal schedules recommended as part of the program.

A. evPulse may send you notifications by SMS in order to provide a better, more transparent PGE Smart Charging Program experience. These notifications could include reminders to plug in (in case you’re at home and can use a charge), updates on optimized charging schedules as they are activated for you and alerts about your charging being interrupted. You can configure your notification preferences and opt out of receiving them at any time.

A. Your car will finish charging as early as possible outside of the event period, but always before your target “Ready by” time (which defaults to 6 a.m. in your local time zone).

A. Your car will be charged to the target battery percentage limit you set in your Tesla app, provided that it is physically possible to reach the limit, given your home charger power and the hours until your “Ready by” time.

A. evPulse is committed to providing you with the charge that you need, when you need it. In case your plans change and you need to charge your car immediately for an earlier departure, you can always do so.

Here are three ways:

  • Replying CHARGE NOW in response to any scheduled charging SMS notification

  • Initiating a charge session through your Tesla app (tapping “Start charging”) or in your Tesla console

  • Clicking the “Charge now” button for the active session notification in your evPulse dashboard