Green Future℠ Solar for Business

Solar no matter where you work.

Solar power generated right here in Willamina, Oregon. Green Future Solar is full as of 2016. PGE is seeking the Oregon Public Utility Commission’s approval to offer additional projects. Visit this page for updates. See details below to be notified when the programs are available.

Power Supply Mix
Power Supply Mix
Environmental Impact
Environmental Impact

How it Works

Launched in Fall 2015, Green Future Solar features 2,935 1 kW "blocks" of solar energy available for residential and business customers from a local solar project in Willamina, OR. Each "block" is an additional $5 per month.

Coupon Offers

We’ve partnered with Chinook Book to create a mobile app with coupons from local, renewable businesses like Burgerville, OMSI, Next Adventure. Creating an offer is a great way to bring traffic to your door and promote your support of renewables. If you’re interested in participating let us know!

Marketing Tools

Already a renewable power customer? Email us to get your marketing toolkit to help promote your support of renewable energy to your customers. We have ready-to-use photos, graphics, social media templates and much more.

Email us at to get your toolkit.

Green Future Solar Dashboard

Check back monthly for data and information on the solar facility supplying Green Future Solar to see how your block is performing. The energy generated will vary during the year based on the weather, but the average annual output per block is an estimated 1,250 kWh.

Our renewable power is certified by one of the most stringent programs in the nation.

Add Habitat Support when you sign up for Green Future to restore local fish habitat.

We’re working hard to meet Oregon’s renewable portfolio standard of 25 percent renewables by 2025.