Green Future Block Renewable Power

Add “blocks” of wind energy to your mix.

You can add more wind to your power, in blocks that each cost less than a large cup of tea. And because they support local renewable projects, they give you that same mellow, happy feeling.

What you get with Green Future Block

Whether you want to go renewable at your home or small business, Green Future Block is a great way to start. You can add wind at $2.50 per 200 kWh block to your Basic Service each month. Purchase as many blocks as you like.


Cover all your energy use - or just a little of it - with wind power. You can estimate your use based on averages or find out how exactly how much energy you use by logging in to your account.

The power to make a difference

A portion of your purchase goes toward developing new renewable resources in Oregon and a portion goes to purchase new wind power from the West.

Third-party validation

This renewable option is Green-e® Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

* Prices are subject to change, and any pricing changes will be updated only with OPUC approval. Average renewable customer energy use is about 716 kWh per month for homes, about 1097 kWh per month for small businesses.

Green Future Block’s 100 percent new wind power is endorsed by the Renewable Northwest Project, Northwest Energy Coalition and Natural Resources Defense Council.  If you’re a medium or larger business (your bill says Schedule 83, 85 or 89) Green Future Enterprise is for you.

Compare all your power choices: See our Power Choices Brochure for residential PGE or business PGE customers to see a side-by-side comparison of  the prices, fuel sources and environmental impacts of all your options.

Your dollars, working locally

When you sign up for many of our Green Future renewable power options, you’re joining the largest voluntary renewable energy program in the nation. You’re not just helping build a clean energy future, you’re also helping create local jobs, build solar projects right in the community and support underserved communities through the PGE Renewable Development Fund.

You’re in good company

Green Future is the No. 1 voluntary renewable power program in the country, according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s latest ranking.

Add Habitat Support to any Green Future renewable power option and help the Nature Conservancy restore local fish habitat.

With the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits, you will not have electricity from a specific generation facility delivered directly to your home, but the amount of electricity you consume will be replaced in the Northwest power grid by renewable resources.

Green Future Choice, Green Future Block, Green Future Solar, Green Future Enterprise and Green Future Impact are service marks of Portland General Electric Company.