Solar Payment Option

Due to its overwhelming popularity, the Solar Payment Option is closed to new enrollments. Below, you can learn more about the Solar Payment Option program and let us know If you would like to get notified about future installments of Solar Payment Option.

What you get with Solar Payment Option (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

The Solar Payment Option is a pilot program designed to encourage the development of new solar photovoltaic projects by requiring participating Oregon utilities to purchase the energy produced by eligible systems enrolled in the program at a premium price.

The Solar Payment Option is an alternative to the PGE Net Metering program. In the Net Metering program, a customer is directly off setting their own energy use by generating some of their own power. Instead of receiving kilowatt-hour credits like Net Metering customers, Solar Payment Option participants receive premium payments from PGE for the energy generated by their eligible solar installations. Unlike Net Metering, participants in the Solar Payment Option do not qualify for Energy Trust of Oregon incentives or Oregon solar energy tax credits. Participants in Net Metering and the Solar Payment Option are both eligible for federal tax credits and incentives. PGE receives Renewable Energy Credits for the energy generated by Solar Payment Option customers.

Standard option

In our standard Solar Payment Option, PGE will pay you for the power your system generates up to the amount of electricity you use. If your system generates more power in any month than you can use, excess generation gets credited to later months. Excess generation above your annual usage, however, is not eligible for payment.

Special meters needed

To participate in the Solar Payment Option, you must have PGE install two special meters for you, which are different than a standard PGE smart meter. Questions?  Email us or call 503-464-8200.

To learn more, see the Solar Payment Option FAQ PGE.

Competitive bid option

The competitive bid option is also closed at this time.