PGE Electric School Bus Fund

Electric School Buses are here!

In February 2021, Beaverton School District received the first electric school buses in Oregon. These were funded through PGE’s Electric School Bus Program in 2020, along with 4 other electric buses going to Reynolds, Salem-Keizer, Portland, and Newberg school districts.

PGE Electric School Bus Fund for 2021

PGE is excited to once again partner with public school districts in our service area to help bring electric school buses to Oregon. Using funding from the Oregon Clean Fuels Program , thanks to PGE customers who charge their EVs at home, PGE will pay for the incremental cost of an electric school bus and charging infrastructure.

How it works

If your application is selected, PGE will provide:

  • The incremental cost of electric school buses (the difference in cost between the traditional bus and the electric bus), up to $500,000 per application; o For reference, the incremental cost is approximately $200,000 for a Type A electric school bus, and $250,000 for a Type C or D electric school bus.

  • Funding for the electric bus charger of your choosing, and all associated installation costs;

  • Funding for bus driver and technician training; and

  • Technical assistance to school districts throughout the process, including site assessments, guidance on charger and bus selection, and monthly check-in calls.


  • Public school districts that are wholly or partially located in PGE’s service area PGE

  • Transportation contractors can apply in partnership with the school district they serve (may be more than one)

  • Previous grant recipients can apply again

How to apply

  • The 2021 application opens on April 15th, 2021 and closes on May 31st, 2021. Award recipients will be notified by July 31st, 2021.

  • This is an open and competitive application process. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a third party, in accordance with established evaluation criteria.

Selection Criteria

In selecting project participants, PGE will look for:

  • Interest in exploring school bus fleet electrification

  • Commitment to engaging community, school, and/or other stakeholders in the project

  • Interest in using the electric bus in curriculum development around STEM, climate and/or sustainability

  • District commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

  • School districts that take advantage of other funding mechanisms

If you have questions, contact us at