Go farther with a connected at-home Level 2 charger

With the new PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program, you could get a rebate of up to $500 when you purchase, install and connect a PGE-approved Level 2 charger for your home.

EVs are changing the way we drive, and if you have Level 2 charger at your home, you can have the confidence to charge fast, drive farther and help reduce carbon emissions. To help you get the most out of electric fuel, we’re providing residential PGE customers who own or lease an EV a rebate of up to $500 when they buy a PGE-approved connected Level 2 EV home charger. When you participate in the PGE EV Charging Pilot Program, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the PGE Smart Charging Program. This pilot rewards your participation in the PGE Smart Charging Program. By allowing PGE to shift your EV home charger’s energy usage away from times when general energy use is at high demand, prices are at their highest or renewable resources are less available, you're helping to manage the grid’s needs. By participating, you’ll receive a $25 Smart Charging Participation reward at the end of each season.

Get up to $500 toward your new Level 2 charger

Accelerate your charging with an at-home Level 2 charger. The first 5,000 residential customers who sign up will get a rebate of up to $500 toward the purchase of a connected charger.

Standard installation qualification requirements:

Income-eligible customers may qualify for a rebate of up to $1,000. To qualify for the Income-Eligible installation rebate, your household must earn no more than 80% of the median income for your household size. Reference the rebate income eligibility guidelines PGE for more details.

Income-Eligible Installation qualification requirements:

Upon enrollment in the pilot, you will be automatically enrolled in the PGE Smart Charging Program, our demand response program. Participation is broken into two seasons: October to March and April to September. At the end of each season, if you meet the Smart Charging participation requirements listed below, you’ll receive a $25 Smart Charging participation reward via an on-bill credit.

  • Participate in a minimum of three demand-response events during the Smart Charging season

  • Keep your EV charger connected to the internet 50% of the time during the season

  • Complete 13 active charging sessions during the season

Have more questions? Please reference our FAQs PGE and our EV charger installation checklist.

Already have one of our qualifying chargers installed?

You may qualify for the Bring Your Own Charger rebate. If you purchased and installed a qualified EV charger prior to the date it was added to the qualified products list PGE, you may qualify for the $50 rebate. Plus you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Smart Charging Program to earn participation rewards.

BYOC qualification requirements:

Don’t see your charger on the list? Let us know!

Have more questions? Please reference our FAQs PGE.

Qualified chargers

Your EV charger must be listed on the qualified products list PGE, which is updated regularly and will include more manufacturers and models soon.

ChargePoint Home Flex

Explore your options from Chargepoint Home Flex PGE.

Wake up every morning with a “full tank”

When you charge at home with a Level 2 charger, you have the peace of mind knowing that your EV will be ready to go and get to where you need to go. 

Whether you currently own an EV or are planning to purchase one soon, the PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program will help you save money, go farther and support Oregon’s clean energy future.

Want to drive cleaner? Enroll in PGE’s Green Future program.

Need to charge away from home?

Now that you've got home charging covered, you want to know that you’ll get where you need to go. Chargeway helps you get there. 

Download the Chargeway app in the Apple App Store PGE or Google Play store PGE and see how easy it is to find, understand and use EV charging stations, so you can enjoy your journey.

For more info visit Chargeway.net. PGE

Ready to purchase an EV?

You can own a smarter, cleaner, higher-performing car that costs you less money to own and operate. 

Learn more about purchasing an EV and Level 2 charger at one of the local auto dealerships partnering with PGE: