Bring EV charging to your business, commercial property or fleet

To help you get the most out of electric fuel, we’re providing PGE non-residential customers who install qualified Level 2 electric vehicle chargers a rebate of $500 per port, or up to $2,300 per port for income-eligible multifamily properties.

EVs are changing the way we drive and how we do business. We provide financial incentives to help bring EV adoption to your workplace, commercial property or fleet. By installing Level 2 EV chargers, you’ll not only support your business’s sustainability, but also contribute to meeting our region’s climate and environmental goals. As an amenity, EV chargers could bring more customer traffic, greater employee satisfaction and more interest from potential tenants. If you operate a fleet, EV chargers can enable a smoother transition to affordable electric fuel.

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Get $500-$1,000 for each of your new Level 2 EV chargers

Electrify your business with EV charging. Install EV chargers at your commercial property and earn a rebate of $500 per port (chargers typically have one or two ports) to help offset the cost.

Qualification requirements:

  • Be a non-residential PGE account holder

  • Procure and install a qualified EV charger PGE

  • Fill out the rebate application

  • Provide supplemental paperwork:

    • An IRS Form W-9 IRS Form W-9

    • An itemized invoice for your chargers

    • A photo of your installation

    • A photo of each charger nameplate with serial number

  • Submit the required documents to

Have more questions? Please reference our FAQs PGE.

How to qualify for an income-eligible multifamily rebate

An income-eligible multifamily property means that residents in at least 50 percent of the dwelling units are at or below 80 percent of area median income, as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or the property is qualified as Section 8 housing. If your property is eligible, select the “income-eligible multifamily rebate” option on your application. See our FAQs PGE for more information.

Qualified chargers

Your EV chargers and software provider must be listed on our qualified products list PGE, which is updated regularly and will include more manufacturers and models soon.