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Go farther with a connected at-home Level 2 charger

With the new PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program, you could get a rebate of up to $500 when you purchase, install and connect a PGE-approved Level 2 charger for your home.

Save money, go farther, support our clean energy future

Whether you currently own an EV or are planning to purchase one soon, the PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program will help you save money, go farther, and support Oregon’s clean energy future. As part of the PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program, we’re rewarding residential PGE customers who own or lease an EV with a rebate of up to $500 when they buy a PGE-approved connected Level 2 EV home charger. When you participate in this pilot program, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the PGE Smart Charging Program. By allowing PGE to shift your EV home charger’s energy usage away from times when general energy use is at high demand, prices are at their highest or renewable resources are less available, you’re helping to manage the grid’s needs. Our way of saying thank you is by giving you a $25 Smart Charging Participation reward at the end of each season.

How can I participate?

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Get up to $500 toward your new Level 2 charger

The first 5,000 residential customers who sign up will get a rebate of up to $500 toward the purchase of a connected charger. Here’s how to get your rebate:

Or, get up to $1000 back!

If you meet the income eligibility guidelines, you may qualify for a rebate of up to $1,000. To qualify for the income-eligible installation rebate, your household must earn no more than 80% of the median income for your household size. Here’s how to get your rebate:

Already have one of our qualifying chargers installed?

You may qualify for the Bring Your Own Charger rebate. If you purchased and installed a qualifying EV charger prior to the date it was added to the qualified products list, you may qualify for the $50 rebate. Plus, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Smart Charging Program to earn participation rewards. Here’s how to get your rebate if you already have a charger:

  • Be the residential account holder

  • Own or lease an EV or plug-in hybrid

  • Already have a qualifying EV charger installed

  • Apply and include supporting documentation

  • Email the required supporting documentation

Don’t see your charger on the list below? Let us know!

ChargePoint Home Flex chargers

Want to learn more about ChargePoint chargers?

Get the dimensions, safety features, installation requirements and more nitty gritty details in the specifications document PGE.

Qualifying chargers

To qualify for the rebate, your EV charger must be on this list. (We’re adding more manufacturers and models all the time.)

Model NameHome Flex
Model NumberCPH50-NEMA6-50-L23
Model NameHome Flex
Model NumberCPH50-NEMA14-50-L23

PGE is working to add the following products to the program. Please check back to see if they’ve been added.

Model NameHome X5
Expected to be Added byQ1 2021
ManufacturerEnel X
Model NameJuiceBox 40 Hardwire
Expected to be Added by2021
ManufacturerEnel X
Model NameJuiceBox 32 Hardwire
Expected to be Added by2021

* Tesla EV chargers do not qualify for the Pilot at this time. Unfortunately, Tesla does not currently produce any demand-response–enabled EV chargers. All Qualified Products work with Tesla vehicles with a Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter. All Tesla vehicles should come equipped with a J1772 Charging Adapter at the time of sale. Please ensure that the use of the adapter conforms with your local and national codes, standards, regulations or laws.

I’m in the program. Now what?

Joining the PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot Program automatically enrolls you in the PGE Smart Charging Program. You’ll earn a $25 credit on your bill at the end of a Smart Charging season (October to March and April to September) by:

  • Shifting your EV charging to when energy demand is low at least three times (we call these “demand response” events)

  • Keeping your EV charger connected to the internet 50% of the time

  • Charging your EV fully at least 13 times

Want to drive even cleaner?

Our Basic Service home energy plan includes renewable energy in the mix, but if you want to be an environmental super star, you’ll want to charge your EV using 100% clean energy. We can help. Enroll in PGE’s Green Future program and we’ll make sure all of the energy you use comes from renewable sources.

Need to charge away from home? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

The Chargeway app helps you find EV charging stations wherever you are. Download the Chargeway app in the Apple App Store Chargeway Apple App Store or Google Play store Chargeway Google Play Store and get going on that road trip! More information at Chargeway.net PGE.

Ready to buy?

Are you ready to be the proud owner of a smarter, cleaner, higher-performing car that costs you less money to own and operate? Learn more about purchasing an EV and a Level 2 charger at one of the local auto dealerships we’re partnering with.