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There’s more than one way to save

What’s the best energy shifting program to help you save on your bill and support a clean energy future? Take our simple quiz to find out!

You have a choice when it comes to rewards

Both Peak Time Rebates and the Smart Thermostat program reward you for shifting your energy use away from peak times and help us use more sustainable energy resources, lowering costs and providing you with reliable energy.

Choose which energy shifting program works best for you and your home. (Note: You can enroll in one program, not both.)

Peak Time Rebates

When energy demand and prices are high, you will have the option to reduce your energy use during the 3 to 4 hour Peak Time Event.

After you sign up, we'll send you a text or email the day before the next event. When you reduce your energy use, you can earn a rebate on your next bill. Shifting your energy away from peak times is an easy way to make a difference.

Smart Thermostat Program

If your home has a heat pump, electric forced air furnace or central air conditioning your smart thermostat can help save on your bill when you enroll in PGE’s Smart Thermostat program.

You’ll be notified before a Peak Time Event on your thermostat or smartphone app, and then your thermostat will automatically shift some of your energy use away from peak times. If you don’t like the temperature it sets, you can always override the change. Remember, for those who qualify, you can earn $25 when you sign up as well as get seasonal rewards.

Earn rebates on your bill

Peak Time Rebates rewards you with savings on your bill for shifting your energy use away from peak times. You decide how many Peak Time Events you wish to participate in. It’s free to join and a great choice if you don’t have a smart thermostat.

Your thermostat does the work. You get the rewards.

The Smart Thermostat program uses your Wi-Fi-connected thermostat and auto adjusts it by a few degrees during Peak Time Events. You’re always in control of your comfort. Sit back, relax, and let your smart thermostat take care of the rest.

What are Peak Time Events?

These are times when when energy demand and prices are at their highest. Programs like Peak Time Rebates and Smart Thermostat reward you for shifting your energy use away from peak times, typically 1 to 4 hours. Together, these small shifts when we use energy add up to something much bigger - a clean energy future for Oregon.

The future looks bright

Here’s what we are doing to create a clean energy future.

Save energy and money

Here’s how to get your energy bill under control and save money while you’re at it.