Building Oregon’s Energy Future, Together

Partnering with customers and communities to deliver the clean energy we all want.

We're all working together toward a clean, affordable and reliable energy future. And we hear from many of our customers and communities that they want to get there even faster. That's why we're committed to helping them achieve those goals by partnering on innovative solutions to make that future a reality.

We all need to do more to ensure our communities are resilient in the face of future natural disasters, such as wildfires and earthquakes. At PGE, we know how important it is for our communities to stay up and running when faced with disruptive emergencies. Easing the ability of local governments to partner with their utility on resiliency projects, especially in the most affected communities, will help provide benefits to the grid on blue sky days and to communities when disaster hits, powering critical facilities such as the Beaverton Public Safety Center.

Many PGE customers want cleaner energy, faster — a goal PGE shares. That’s why we are working with several local governments in our service area to collaborate on a voluntary, community-specific clean energy program to meet more ambitious clean energy goals. We heard from residential customers in Milwaukie, Beaverton, Portland and Multnomah County in Fall 2020 that 80% of respondents felt that their local government’s goal of 100% clean and renewable electricity by either 2030 or 2035 was either about right or too slow. And about 80% also indicated interest in a utility program to meet those clean and renewable electricity goals. All they need is the freedom to meet their clean energy goals on their own terms.

Customers and communities want choices in how they build their own energy future. PGE’s Green Future Impact program allows businesses, cities and counties to source up to 100% of their electricity from a new regional wind or solar facility. In 2020 and 2021 so far, we contracted to build 300 MW of new renewable energy projects in Gilliam and Wasco counties. Avangrid Renewables will build and own the projects and PGE will purchase the power to serve our customers. This is the kind of innovation that’s possible when we allow communities and utilities to partner together on Oregon’s energy future.

Building an equitable clean energy future means bringing everyone along on the journey. We believe in high-quality, family-wage jobs with health care benefits. And jobs with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in training and hiring practices. That’s why we require minimum labor standards on all PGE projects. This is the way to create jobs that will be a boost for our economy, our environment, and our communities.