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How to apply

The foundation will award grants at three focus-specific board meetings

Eligible applicants may apply by completing an online grant application PGE.*

The application will ask you to provide the following financial documents:

  • Project budget

  • Current operating budget

  • Board approved statement of financial position (balance sheet) from the most recent fiscal year

  • Most recent itemized revenue and expense report (profit and loss statement)

Apply now PGE

*Note: We do not accept paper or email applications.


The PGE Foundation reviews only one request per calendar year from an organization. 

Previous grant recipients must complete an impact report prior to submitting a new request.

We award grants to:

  • Charitable, nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations classified as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service, or those with a qualifying equivalent status

  • Organizations based in Oregon and serving Oregonians with priority to groups located in


  • Organizations, programs and services that are aligned with one or more of our three focus areas

  • Organizations that comply with our nondiscrimination policy

We extend a higher level of consideration to grant applications that are:

  • Submitted by organizations operating collaboratively or in partnership with other nonprofits or agencies

  • Designed with measurable objectives

  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in their mission and operations

We do not consider requests for:

  • Previous grant recipients who have not completed a final impact report

  • Bridge grants, debt retirement or operational deficits

  • Endowment funds

  • General fund drives or annual appeals

  • Requests to support political entities, ballot measure campaigns or candidates for political office

  • Requests from organizations that discriminate, in services provided and/or hiring practices, based on race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex, marital status, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, veterans status or color

  • Requests from fraternal, sectarian and/or religious organizations, especially if the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organization’s own members or adherents

  • Any activities or organizations for which support would violate IRS regulations for private foundations

  • Direct grants to individuals

  • Direct support for library operations, or capital

  • Travel expenses

  • Conferences, symposiums, festivals, events, team sponsorships or user fees

  • Capital expenses to purchase vehicles, office furniture, computers, etc.


If you have questions about how to apply for a grant, email us at

Due dates

Due dates

Cycle 1: Education PGE Applications are accepted Nov. 25, 2019 to Jan. 11, 2020 for a March decision.

Cycle 2: Creative Expression PGE Applications are accepted March 2 to April 10, 2020 for a June decision.

Cycle 3: Safe & Stable Families PGE Applications are accepted May 25 to July 10, 2020 for a September decision.