Clean Energy Planning

The right mix of energy resources in the right locations can lower energy costs for the community as a whole

About the Clean Energy Plan (CEP)

Historically, we have ensured our  customers have universal access to the clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electric power they need through our Integrated Resource Planning. To make it happen, we engage in a complex IRP process guided by the Oregon Public Utility Commission  with generous input from the public. You can learn more about our IRP public meetings.

Today, our IRP evolves through our Clean Energy Plan, foundational to House Bill 2021’s decarbonization framework. The OPUC Staff launched an investigation into the CEPs required under Oregon House Bill 2021 PGE, passed during the 2021 regular legislative session. The OPUC Staff have identified Commission guidance for the CEPs as a near-term focus area for HB 2021 implementation through Docket No. UM 2225 Investigation into Clean Energy Plans PGE.

House Bill 2021 Overview

House Bill 2021 establishes an ambitious emissions-based clean energy framework for electricity providers in Oregon. The bill requires the state’s large investor-owned utilities (IOUs) and electricity service suppliers (ESSs) to decarbonize their retail electricity sales by 2040 and to provide direct benefits to local communities to the extent practicable.

Greenhouse gas reduction targets for large IOUs and ESSs:

  • By 2030, 80 percent below baseline emissions level

  • By 2035, 90 percent below baseline emissions level

  • By 2040 and beyond, 100 percent emissions-free

A bill summary developed by the OPUC executive office can be found here PGE.

OPUC Staff’s Gantt Chart of anticipated HB 2021 activities can be found here PGE.

Get involved

We host two meetings monthly, a technical and a non-technical.

  1. The IRP Roundtable is our technical public venue where we socialize with partners the inputs, assumptions, and identified constraints to the models we use to construct PGE's preferred portfolio recommendation.

  2. The CEP Community Learning Lab is our non-technical venue where we share PGE’s internal processes for resource planning, socialize concepts related to CEP, request feedback, and report on partners' feedback used to inform our planning processes.

Join our next CEP Community Learning Lab

This venue was created for our non-technical partners: community service organizations, community-based organizations, municipalities, cities, OPUC Staff, Energy Trust of Oregon and interested members of the public.

Where: Zoom Meeting PGE

  • Meeting ID: 822 8141 6387 | Passcode: 707384 | Dial by phone: +1 253 215 8782

Upcoming CEP Meeting:

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023

  • Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Learn more and connect with us

Email us at to be added to PGE's CEP Learning Lab Workshops mailing list.

Please share your feedback on our CEP process via this form:

Previous CEP meetings

Here you will find all information we’ve shared during the CEP proceedings – past meeting presentations, video recordings, supplemental materials and our final Clean Energy Plan report.

Jan. 19, 2023 CEP Learning Lab 23-1 

Agenda (full video, ppt

  • Community Engagement Update (video, ppt)

  • Resilience Update (video, ppt)

  • Potential CBRE Acquisition Paths Update (video, ppt)

  • Community Benefit Indicators Update (video, ppt)

  • CBIAG Update (video, ppt)

  • Distribution System Plan DG Map Update (video, ppt)

  • Previous Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) December Roundtable Recap (video, ppt)

  • Next Steps & Closing Remarks (video, ppt)

  • Learning Lab # 5 Survey 

Dec. 14, 2022 CEP Learning Lab 22-4

Agenda (full video 1 & video 2, ppt)

  • Previous Clean Energy Plan (CEP) Learning Lab # 3 Recap (video, ppt)

  • PGE’s Approach to Community Benefit Indicators (CBIs) (video, ppt)

  • Community Benefits Indicators (CBIs), iCBI, rCBI, pCBI in the IRP Modeling (video, ppt)

  • Resilience Update & Potential Resilience Products (video, ppt)

  • Previous Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) November Roundtable Recap(video, ppt)

  • Next Steps & Closing Remarks (video, ppt)

  • Learning Lab # 4 Survey 

Nov. 17, 2022 CEP Learning Lab 22-3

Agenda (full video, ppt)

  • Previous Clean Energy Plan (CEP) Learning Lab Recap (video, ppt)

  • Community Based Resources (CBREs) & Community Benefits Indicators (CBIs) (video, ppt)

  • Resilience (video, ppt)

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) 101 (video, ppt)

  • Previous Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Roundtable Recap (video, ppt)

  • Next Steps & Closing Remarks (video, ppt)

  • Learning Lab # 3 Survey 

Oct. 27, 2022 CEP Learning Lab 22-2

Agenda (full video & ppt)

  • DSP Lessons Learned, Partner Comments, PGE actions (video, ppt)

  • Update on ETO Collaboration, (video, ppt)

  • Continuation of IRP 101, (video, ppt)

  • Grid Needs and NWS, (video, ppt)

  • DSP/CEP Intersection: NWS/CBI/CBRE, (video, ppt)

  • Next Steps & Closing Remarks , (video, ppt)

  • Learning Lab # 2 Survey 

Sep. 27, 2022 CEP Learning Lab 22-1

Agenda (full video, ppt)