2020 Price Changes

The Oregon Public Utility Commission approved an overall price increase for PGE customers of about 1.9 percent beginning Jan. 1, 2020. There will be a second, smaller increase on Feb. 1, 2020 when the Oregon Corporate Activities Tax is incorporated into our prices. The new tax was enacted by the state legislature in 2019, effective in 2020. Including the tax, the total overall price increase for PGE customers in 2020 will be just under 2.5 percent.

We file an annual update with the Commission reflecting the estimated cost of wholesale power and fuel purchases we’ll make over the coming year to provide you with reliable electric service. The price increase for January 2020 is based on that estimate. At the end of each year we review our actual costs, and the commission takes that into account when it sets prices for the following year.

Managing costs carefully to deliver clean, reliable electricity to our customers at a fair price is at the core of our business, and we’re pleased that from 2015 to 2019 our average annual price increase was less than one percent – less than the rate of inflation.To learn more about how we’re leading the way to Oregon’s clean energy future, visit fullcleanfuture.com PGE.

The impact of specific price changes will vary depending on the amount of power you use each month and your customer category. These new prices reflect careful analysis and review by our regulators to ensure any change we make is necessary and prudent.

To help you manage your energy use and your bills, we have several programs available. For example, we offer free advice and in-depth information on saving energy, and we can help connect you with Energy Trust of Oregon incentives. There are also billing and payment options to make budgeting easier as well as free online tools to help you understand and manage your energy use. We can connect you with assistance programs — such as HEAT Oregon — to help in times of need. Visit portlandgeneral.com/save to learn more about these resources.

Across the major customer categories, the Commission-approved price changes starting in January are:

Type of serviceResidential
Rate schedule7
January price change1.5 percent
Type of serviceSmall business
Rate schedule32
January price change2.8 percent
Type of serviceCommercial
Rate schedule83
January price change2.0 percent
Type of serviceLarge commercial
Rate schedule85
January price change2.2 percent
Type of serviceIndustrial
Rate schedule89
January price change2.9 percent

On February 1, 2020 prices will increase further for the Oregon Commercial Activity Tax by an additional 0.5% for all customers.

For more detailed information, visit our tariff schedules or visit the OPUC website PGE.