Bowman Dam Hydroelectric Studies

Download studies conducted as part of an evaluation of hydroelectric power potential at Bowman Dam, on Prineville Reservoir.

In 2014 PGE considered the feasibility of adding hydroelectric generating turbines to Bowman Dam, an existing irrigation dam that creates Prineville Reservoir on the Crooked River in central Oregon.

We’re actively exploring options to add to our renewable power mix, but our analysis showed this particular project wouldn’t pencil out for our customers under current conditions. Some of the studies we produced as part of our analysis, however, could still be of interest to stakeholders in the region, so we’re sharing them here.

Because these studies were conducted for PGE’s purposes only and some of the studies are now dated, use or reliance upon them is at the user’s own risk. PGE makes no representations or warranty, expressed or implied, as to their accuracy or completeness. PGE shall not be liable to any user relating to, or resulting from, their use.