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PGE has filed a 2025 rate review with the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC).

PGE requests a rate review for 2025

Modernizing the grid to meet customer needs and deliver safe, reliable energy requires ongoing investments. PGE filed a proposed 2025 rate increase of an average 7.4% for customers.

As a regulated utility, our prices, the costs of operating the business and investor returns are reviewed and determined by the Oregon Public Utility Commission through an open, transparent public process. If changes are approved, they will take place in 2025.

Building a smarter, more resilient and reliable energy future

These are the main reasons for the proposed 2025 rate increase:

Bolstering reliability with local Battery Energy Storage System projects

Non-emitting batteries provide vital reserve power when needed. PGE’s new battery installations will be able to reduce the risk of outages and can reduce the need to purchase energy from the power market during times of peak demand.

Modernizing the grid to meet growing customer needs with enhancements to transmission and distribution

Upgrades to legacy infrastructure increase resilience to extreme weather and allow dependable energy to flow to an increasing number of customers with changing needs.

Increasing resilience with investments in hydro, wind and other plant and technology improvements

Continued maintenance and modernization to generation facilities provides increased resilience and long-term, dependable power.

Additional items included in the filing cover PGE’s protection of customers and communities and necessary operating costs.

Advancing resilience

Electric utilities across the industry are facing the challenge of modernizing infrastructure, increasing resiliency and adapting to shifting customer needs. Rate reviews reflect these ongoing investments and operating costs. Rate review filings are how PGE makes investments in the system, recovers costs and funds new projects that deliver savings and long-term customer benefit.

Rate review filing process

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What is a regulated utility?

As a regulated utility, we’re required to serve all customers in our area.

  • Investors provide funding to invest in improvements.

  • Regulators review our investments to make sure costs, rates and investor returns are reasonable.

  • This process is called a “rate case” – and it’s fully public and transparent.

Quick links

Read PGE’s rate review filing.

To get involved: You can participate in a public meeting or email the OPUC at

You can view the public meeting for UE 435, PGE’s request for a general rate revision, on the OPUC website here.

Questions & Answers

  • Rate changes are not expected to be determined until late 2024, and would not take effect until January 1, 2025 at the earliest. 

  • State regulators review our investments, expenditures, prices and investor returns to determine what is fair and reasonable. This process is called a rate case and it's fully public and transparent. 

  • For more information you can visit 

  • The amount is not known yet, the final amount will be determined by the rate review process that is underway. 

  • PGE’s rate review filing will go through a regulated and public process to determine a final rate change amount for 2025.  

  • Capital projects to bolster system reliability, including local battery projects and upgrades to transmission and distribution to provide reliable power to more customers.  

  • We have focused on managing spending and keeping operating costs low. We have managed increased energy demand and infrastructure investments with the same number of employees year-over-year, implemented new technologies that result in savings and our hard-working crews continue to focus on serving our customers reliable and dependable power.