New and improved service, times three

Good things come in threes!

During the past year, we’ve been hard at work improving your experience when interacting with PGE. Whether it’s online, over the phone, or even paying your bill, we think you’ll like the change.

  1. We invite you to check out our redesigned website. Packed with customer-friendly features, it’s easy to find the information you need. Now you’ll have a 360○ view of your energy use without having to move between screens. While online, be sure to download the PGE mobile app and sign up for Energy Tracker. It’s a great tool to help manage your energy bill.

  2. Coming soon, we are improving our automated phone system with an intelligent virtual assistant. No more phone trees! This new virtual assistant will help you get the information you need more directly and make transactions quicker.

  3. Speaking of transactions. If you’ve ever paid your bill online, it may not have been the most positive experience. That’s about to change with a new system that allows customers to manage their payment preferences all in one place. Here are just some of the key conveniences it’ll offer:

    • Pay online or through our mobile app

    • Save multiple payment methods in a personal wallet

    • Split a PGE account payment between two payment methods

    • Pay multiple PGE accounts at once

    • Transactions post instantly