The struggle is real. So is the help.
We’re here to help – just ask Katie.

This has been one tough year. A pandemic, wildfires, online classrooms and more. It’s created stresses many of us have never felt before. But there is some good news if you happen to be behind on your energy bill. Here’s Katie, one of our Customer Service advisors, with just one of the many examples of how we’ve been able to help:

“A customer had just found out her husband lost his job. She was calling as they now have a $1,000 bill and no way to pay as their home is currently being foreclosed on. I provided her energy-assistance information. She said she’d tried calling the agencies with no luck. So, I gave her additional agency information, walked her through other options and was able to find something that worked for her situation. We also applied $150 COVID funds to help get her back on track. She was laughing by the end of the call and shared how appreciative she was.”  - Katie, PGE Customer Service advisor

If you’ve found yourself in the difficult position of being behind, just give us a call and talk to one of our customer service advisors like Katie. Our team can explain new ways we can help that fit your needs and circumstances. There are new programs that have substantial funding available, as well as flexible payment options that can get you back on track. We know it can sometimes feel embarrassing to ask for help, but when you reach out to us, there’s no judgement. Katie, or one of her very capable collogues, is standing by and will answer your call for help.

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