5 ways to keep your cool
Budget-friendly ideas to keep you comfortable

Use Energy Tracker.sm Our free online tool helps track when and how you use the most energy. When it comes to saving, knowledge is power.

Fan-tastic savings. Ceiling and portable fans keep you cool and cost less to run than air conditioning. Use them with AC and set your thermostat a little higher to stay comfortable for less.

Prevent heat build-up inside. Move cooking outside to the grill or opt for no-cook meals (like salads). Save showers, laundry and dishwashing for cooler morning or evening hours.

Cool it, then close it. On cool mornings, open windows (if it’s safe) and use fans pointed in to draw cool air inside. When it gets to about 75 to 80 degrees out, close windows and window coverings to keep cool air in and block heat.

Adjust your dial. Setting cooling a smidge higher on your thermostat, even 1 to 3 degrees, will save energy and money. Consider installing a smart thermostat and joining our Smart Thermostat program, which makes savings automatic and lets you earn rewards.

But wait, there’s more! You can find more tips to help you save energy now.