10 easy ways to save this summer

With schools closed and many people either not working or working from home, your energy use can start to creep up this summer. Kids at home may be playing video games, taking extra showers, charging phones and stacking up piles of laundry. It can all add up. But there are a lot of free ways you can stay comfortable and keep your energy bill under control. Share these easy tips with everyone at home.

  1. Use our free online Energy Tracker tool


    to track your electricity use by hour, day or more.

  2. Set that thermostat if you have AC.


    In the summer months try 75 to 78 degrees to save on air conditioning energy costs.

  3. Turn off screens when no one’s watching.


    TVs, game consoles, cable boxes and computers can all be big energy users, so turn them off when you’re done using them.

  4. Unplug chargers.


    They use energy even when they’re not charging anything.

  5. Cook food and heat water efficiently:


    Use the microwave instead of the oven when you can and use an electric kettle to boil water if you have one – it’s more efficient than the stove.

  6. Time your showers.


    A hot shower feels great but that’s a lot of energy going down the drain.

  7. Set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees


    for savings and safety. See our  Water Heaters section for details.

  8. Don’t stare into the fridge.


    The longer you keep it open, the more energy it wastes.

  9. Turn off the vent fan.


    10 minutes is long enough for kitchen and bathroom vent fans to do their job. After that, turn them off.

  10. Pull the shades.


    Window coverings help keep the energy in and heat out.

Want more? We’ve got lots of no- or low-cost ways to save energy while still staying comfortable.