How can we add more renewable energy sources?
How can we add more renewable energy sources?

As we work toward a clean energy future and add more renewable energy to our mix, balancing the constantly changing supply of resources like solar and wind becomes crucial. This is especially true during times when electricity demand is high. One important way we can achieve this is with your help.

For example, by joining our Smart Thermostat program, people are shifting how much energy they use during peak times. This shift, when magnified by the thousands of homes and businesses that participate, helps even out energy peaks and allows us to use more renewables. It also helps keep prices lower for everyone. And, bonus of bonuses, it even rewards you for participating.

So, how do people like shifting energy?

“It’s been great! I don’t even have to think about it,” says Katya G., who took advantage of the program’s free installation promotion. “I like that it’s a passive way to do something for the environment.”

“It seemed like a simple way to respond to climate change.” says Anna R., who heard about the program through her work. “My old programable thermostat was a little difficult to use, but I love how straightforward my ecobee is.”

Are you ready to join?

Learn more about the Smart Thermostat program and see if your home qualifies for a free, professionally installed unit.