Pillar 1: Customer Value

Connecting our customers to what matters most

2016 Report

“We help connect our customers to what matters most to them: safe, affordable, reliable, clean and secure energy – we’re working to power their lives in a meaningful way.”
Carol Dillin, Vice President Customer Strategies and Business Development

Flexibility helps with future energy needs

One key way to help make energy more efficient and sustainable is to help control the load – or demand – on the grid during peak hours. Those are hours when most people want to use lots of energy.

To help with this endeavor, in 2016, we kicked-off the Flex Pricing Pilot. This pilot’s participating customers flex their energy consumption and use less when energy costs are higher.

The purpose of the pilot is to help us learn more about customers’ flexibility with energy needs and use. Our learnings will help us develop future products and programs to help shift energy use away from high-demand times to make an impact without sacrificing comfort.

In 2016, more than 12,000 customers enrolled in the Flex Pricing Pilot.